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These have been taken from the Parish records held on microfiche in the Records office in Shrewsbury. Some are difficult to read for varying reasons, and there are omissions if they were impossible for me to interpret at all, originals are not always in date order as found here but can be several years apart.
I hope that what I have managed to work out is of some help. Apologies for any errors.

Note: I keep these records on a database so for many I also have the parents if named and fathers occupation. Please contact me if required. A map with some of the places named can be found here.

I have put the records in 25 year blocks per page.

The 1576 to 1799 are made up from the published edition of The Parish Registers of High Ercall and are available for purchase on the internet. They have not yet been cross checked by myself with the records held in the Archives in Shrewsbury.

1576 to 1599 (229 records) Earliest available records

1600 to 1624 (459 records)

1625 to 1649 (405 records)

1650 to 1674 (325 records)

1675 to 1699 (684 records)

1700 to 1724 (711 records)

1725 to 1749 (603 records)

1750 to 1774 (899 records)

1775 to 1799 (857 records)

1800 to 1824 (836 records)

1825 to 1849 (792 records)

1850 to 1874 (707 records)

1875 to 1899 (525 records)

1900 to 1924 (390 records)

1925 to 1949 (290 records to 1942)


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